Friday, November 14, 2008

There has to be a better way

I am going to be spending the better part of this day doing paperwork. That means keeping track of income and expenses for my business and my husband's so that we can have the privilege of paying the government taxes--income taxes, goods and services taxes and deductions at source--the same taxes that our government then misspends (for more on that, you can read relevant posts from the blogs I follow: Slavery is not dead and How to waste money).

To add insult to injury, I also have to pay an accountant (who, fortunately, is really a very nice person and makes our meetings rather enjoyable, mainly because we get complain to each other about government ineptitude) to prepare tax returns and make sure I'm doing everything just right, i.e. paying the right amount of taxes, not too much, but, more importantly, not too little.

Yes, I probably would do some kind of accounting work to make sure our businesses are profitable, but I wouldn't have to be so paranoid about minute details and keeping every scrap of paper if I were just doing this for myself.

There has to be a better way.

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